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First Caribbean author conference 

caribbean authors unite!

Welcome to One Momentum Publishing, your guide to successful authorship! Explore our self-help book on writing and self-publishing tailored for Caribbean authors. Join our World Book Day author conference for insights into writing, editing, cover design, marketing, and sales, featuring panel discussions and notable speakers. Elevate your author journey with us

Publish your work quickly with our streamlined process.

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impactful publishing

over 2500 books sold

2000+ Virtual workshop attendees

800+ registered digitally

services we offer

our approach

In our unique approach to the publishing landscape, we prioritize author education, ensuring transparency about the process and managing expectations effectively. Our commitment goes beyond a simple publication; we strive to align our services with the individual goals and aspirations of each author.


Our streamlined process allows for rapid publication, with a two-week turnaround for authors with prepared manuscripts. This agility sets us apart in the industry and caters to the needs of authors who value both speed and quality.


Recognizing the prevalent challenge authors face in marketing their work, we extend our offerings to comprehensive marketing services. This addresses a critical gap in the industry and ensures that our authors not only publish but also gain visibility and success in a crowded market

Facilitating local production
& distribution

Enabling efficient and sustainable local production and distribution processes to enhance operational agility and meet the demands of regional markets.

Author education on self-publishing 

Educating authors on the intricacies of self-publishing, empowering them with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully navigate the dynamic publishing landscape

Consultancy & Editing

Providing premium consultancy and editing services to elevate manuscript quality and guide authors through strategic decisions, ensuring the success and market readiness of our published works.

Book cover design & Marketing

Our comprehensive book cover design and marketing services uniquely position authors for success by seamlessly blending creative excellence and targeted strategies to maximize visibility and drive sales in the competitive publishing landscape.

PRour SPonsor of caribbean authors

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